Poet to Employ



I write personalized poetry. (For short stories, scroll down).

What that means is you and I have a conversation about something you love or hate, something you contemplate or value. Then I take that knowledge to write a poem. It could be about love. It could be about a table. It could be about a chair in love with a table from across the cafe. Anything.

A few days later, I’ll have written your poem.

Once it’s polished, I roll a textured sheet of paper into my typewriter and type it up. The final product is then put into a large envelope (unfolded) and mailed to your door. Very sleek and handsome-like.

What does this cost?

You can pay whatever you please.

If you prefer a set price, $30-$60 is my sliding scale. Given the craft, the time it takes to write, the paper, postage, and care, this is a sweet little deal for art of your own.


If poetry isn’t your brain juice, consider a short story.

The process is nearly same, although you get a bit more:

Think of a topic or situation — perhaps even a character — and enter the details below. I will spend a few days writing the story (500 – 1,000 words). Then (unlike a poem), I will print out the story and hand-stitch it into a handsome chapbook, cover, dedication, and all. Several days later, you’ll get it in the mail.

(Check out the photo page for chapbook examples.)

What does it cost?

Like my poetry, this service is pay-what-you-please. I want my art is available to all. But if you prefer a set price for your own handbound story, my sliding scale is $70- $200 (given the time, fine paper, care, and postage).

Help keep the eyes of poetry open by supporting writers like me. We need patrons of the arts, just as we all need to stop and smell the bloom sometimes.

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